Knife sharpening school

Knife sharpening school


Become a professional knife sharpener

Professional knife sharpening school

The Knife Sharpening Company Three knifes  are based in Sweden and are the market leaders in knife sharpening services.

With over 30 years of expertise in the field of knives and knife sharpening technology, we take care of all your cutting needs so you can take care of your business!

If you use knives in your business or privat we can help you too keep them sharp. We  sharpening for national food service chains, hotels, restaurants, the meat industry as well as smaller independent establishments in Europa.

We sharpen all knives except ceramic knives!

Professional knife sharpener course

Knife sharpening is a skill that can be turned into a successful business by the motivated and enterprising individual. We will teach you knife, axes, and garden tool sharpening using the Tormek T-8 machines, as well as how to operate a successful market booth, complete with our intake paperwork and sorting bin system. During our market season, students may observe us working our local market booth if desired.

Our school is unique from all other schools because we offer individuel courses for minimum one student at the time,we arranged courses at your place or in our place.

What you will learn:

Principles of professional knife sharpening

Principles of professional sharpening techniqe

Principles of professional stropping techniqe

Principles of professional grinding

Principles of knife sharpening angle

Principles of sharpening on grindstone

Principles of sharpening on whetstone

Different edges and their grinding techniques

Repair of damaged knifes and axes

Repair of damaged knife blades

Sharpening technique for knives,axes, and garden tools

Equipment for grinding and sharpening

Care of Tormek T8 >

Care of Tmp g-91 >

Knife sharpening machine, grind stone

Machine set-up, operation, maintenance

Tmp knife sharpening >

Tormek knife sharpening >

Grinding machine

We using

Tormek T-8 >

TMP G-91 >

Business operations

Marketing of knife sharpening service

Outdoor market booth operation with supply list

Marketing of mobile knife sharpening service

How To Start Your Own Knife  Sharpening

We provide all machines, knives,  and tools for you to train with (you are welcome to bring your own knives, axes, and tools from home, too, if practical)

Location knife sharpening school

We are based in Sweden and we offer courses in Europe and Usa.We organizes education  in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom and Malta.

Our school is unique with education in knife sharpening  from all other schools because we offer individuel courses for minimum one student at the time,we arranged courses at your place or in our place.

Course start professional knife sharpening.

The knife sharpening course is arranged continuously

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Knife sharpening school with professional knife sharpening.

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